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What is the two times hot press film faced plywood ?

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What is the two times hot press film faced plywood ?

Two time hot press ,means the veneer core are hot pressed two times ,for example ,18mm is normally 11 plies .THe factory press 9 plies first by one time cold pressing and then hot pressing.The workers repair the 9-ply platform and then smoothly sanded by 50grit sand paper or better sand paper .This is one time hot press already .

The second time hot press is started from the second hot pressing.The 9-ply platform will be laminated with the top and bottom layers of short-grain poplar veneer ,then use the hot pressing machine to make the SECOND TIME HOT PRESS.

After the second time hot press,the platform is 11-ply already .Then the manufacturers will sand the 11-ply platform smoothly by sand paper .

The last step is laminate the film by hot pressing ,just need about 2 to 6 minutes in the hot pressing ,then you can see the finished film faced plywood.

We can also call it three time hot press plywood,or call them 2-time sand ffp.

If the platform 11-ply just pass one time hot pressing and sanding by sand paper,then we can also call it two time hot press film faced plywood,but call it one-time sand film faced plywood.The quality is lower than two-time sand film faced plywood.


one time hot press film faced plywood,means the finished film faced plywood is just only one time cold pressing and one  hot press ,laminated with the film together after the ONLY ONE TIME HOT PRESSING.

No need to sand the veneer core platform used for the film faced plywood,even no veneer core platform repair ,the veneer core platform are cold pressing first and then laminate the film ,the workers stapled the film together with the platform ,then put them into the hot pressing machine ,after about 40 to 50 minutes hot pressing ,then you can see the finished one time hot press film faced plywood .

One time hot press film faced plywood have its advantage ,prices advantage ,raw materials advantage ,and even no burn marks .

The disadvantage is not smoothly and no TWO TIME HOT PRESS flat surface,and no uniform tight thickness .

More and more markets and areas they prefer to use one time hot press ffp already .


Visited some plywood manufacturers ,look at these manufacturing defects ,some holes even have the concrete left ,when you use blade to cut them ,make sure your blade will be not destroyed or hurt the people closed to them .So ,if the joint core film faced plywood are used whole piece not cutting them to small pieces and used for low building construction as the underlayment or packing ,that is good materials .

Please don’t use them to make high building construction or request them to standard heavy materials or support heavy materials .

If you want them to support heavy materials ,make sure you tell your suppliers to pay attention on the prices and quality requriement .

When your chinese plywood inspectors inspect them ,make sure they can test the strength,stand a people about 75kgs to 80kgs people ,to see if the single plywood can support the people ?

Standard film faced plywood production ,regular selected raw core veneer ,custom-made film and logo design ,you can see the plywood edges,without major core voids and overlaps ,suitable for high end uses .


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